Conditions of Participation

1. The "Danças do Mundo / World Dances" (henceforth called Festival) will take place in the town of Argoncilhe - Santa Maria da Feira - Portugal, on a date to be designated, in the month of July.
The groups must arrive and depart on the dates indicated in their invitations.

2. This International event seeks to promote and share the traditions and the respective folklore of the different nations, strengthening the friendship between countries and the identity of each country.

3. The "Casa da Gaia - Centro de Cultura Desporto e Recreio de Argoncilhe" (henceforth referred to as Organization) will be responsible for organizing the event.

4. Each one of the participating groups must have, at most, 35 people, including directors, dancers, musicians, interpreters, drivers, among others.

5. Groups wishing to participate in the Festival should submit their application by filling out the respective form through the link or send the completed form to the email address of the Organization.

6. After approval of the application, each of the selected Groups will receive an email with the respective confirmation.

7. The approval, referred to in point 6, means that the applicant Group has been accepted to participate in the Festival, and it must initiate all the necessary procedures for its participation (see point 19).

8. Each Applicant Group must send to the organisation:

  • Photographs by e-mail;
  • Summary of the history of the group (biography);
  • Youtube video links or other similar platform;

9. The participating groups must pay their own travel expenses to Portugal and back to their country.
In case they travel by airplane, the groups must arrive at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport - Porto, Portugal.

10. The Festival Organization is responsible for:

  • Accommodation:
    The groups will stay at the High School in Argoncilhe, comfortably settled.
    We do not provide rooms for couples or drivers
  • Transport the Groups to and from the Airport, as well as to all the places where the activities integrated in the Festival will take place;
  • To the groups that travel by bus, the organization will pay 40 L of diesel for every 100 Km traveled in the national territory
  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Food supplements will also be provided after the performances.
  • If there are food allergies or other restrictions, these should be mentioned to the organisation.
  • One or two guides / translators per group (English, French or Spanish);
  • Pocket money, in the amount of 2,00€ (Two euros), per active member (director(s), musicians and dancers) for each day of festival;
  • Information about the festival programme.

11. All performances must be live. Recorded music and playback are not allowed.

12. The artistic style must be based on the folklore of the region or country where the Group comes from. The costumes, music, songs and dances must be performed within the standards of the respective folklore.

13. Each Group must participate in each of the following activities, among others announced by the Organization:

  • Performance at the Opening Ceremony;
  • Performance at the Gala - Songs of the World;
  • Possible brief promotional presentation in open air or in a shopping centre;
  • Dance workshop where each group should teach a national dance to other participating groups;
  • Workshop of the groups' orchestras;
  • Presentations in municipalities outside Santa Maria da Feira in the open air (25 minutes);
  • Performance at the Final Gala;
  • Participation in the Closing Ceremony (included in the Final Gala);
  • Possible participation in TV and radio programmes (the organisation reserves all rights to image and sound);

14. The Groups, as well as their members, consent to assign all rights of sound and image to the Organization, which can be used for the promotion/publicizing of the Festival in any means deemed convenient, including digital platforms and/or social networks.

15. Groups may sell items such as cassettes, CDs, DVDs, materials related to the group, etc. during the festival. This should take place in proper places designated by the Organization.

16. Insurance: Each participant or Group must have a Health Insurance (individual or group insurance), as the Organization does not assume any financial responsibility for other accidents or health issues that may arise during their stay in Portugal.

17. Each group must bring 8 to 10 souvenirs.

18. Groups selected to participate in this Festival must always, when requested:

  • return the protocol duly signed and stamped.
  • return this Terms and Conditions of Participation document duly signed both by email and by post.
  • Send to the Organization by email (see contacts at the end) proof of the insurance required in point 16.

19. The contacts of the Festival Organization are:
Casa da Gaia - Centro de Cultura Desporto e Recreio de Argoncilhe
Rua da Casa da Gaia, 273
4505-041 Argoncilhe

+351 227 645 097
+351 918 634 204